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May 2, 2018


Uh, oh, Harvey Weinstein's company is declaring bankruptcy, and the verdict's still out whether his victims will be compensated? Director Bernardo Bertolucci blasted Ridley Scott for replacing Kevin Spacey with the still-fabulous-looking Christopher Plummer, and wants to work with Spacey? And he was applauded when he announced that?

It's been decades since I watched Last Tango in Paris, but considering he didn't warn the young actress what was coming with the rape scene with Brando, I assume Bertolucci was at a convention of pedophiles.

Ladies, ladies, of #metoo hope...I suppose you'll learn, too, that things never really change. All these Bozos have to do is wait long enough and they know they'll be forgiven. Or we'll forget.

P.S. Still pluggin' along...

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