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Jul 7, 2019

Horray USA!

I watched the US/Netherlands soccer match this morning, something I have never done; but I imagined how my Dutch husband and I would have had a rowdy time cheering from the couch.  The Dutch, like the rest of Europe, are very serious about their football.

If Tino had survived, today would have been our 25th wedding anniversary (I like to think).  I wonder how that would have felt; you know how couples proudly announce,

"Been married 27; 35; 52 years," like they're expecting a prize from the rest of us.  If I add mine up I can come up with something close.  And so in honor of my sweetie and his country I'd like to share a couple of thoughts:

In case you're wondering why Dutch teams wear ORANGE when their flag is red, white and blue:  it represents the House of Orange, their royal family.

And no one should believe that any derogatory remarks made about our soccer player's behavior and enthusiasm is towards the team in particular; it's how they feel about Americans in general.

We're loud, way too open in sharing personal stories, and as Tino used to say to me,

"I can't believe you Americans get such large sandwiches in your mouths."

I'll have a bacon double-quarter-pounder-cheeseburger with the works, please.


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