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Jul 24, 2018

Let's Hear It for Crinoline!

Am I the only one who pokes fun at the styles worn by newswomen?  I liked neon yellow when I was a kid, but really, is this color not particularly revolting, no matter what color your skin? Then there's those puffed sleeves reminiscent of grade school and cutesy floral dresses paired with outrageous heels you can't possibly walk in for very far.

As long as we're bringing back styles, I miss Saddle Shoes, known in Mom's day as 'Specked Potatoes'; and then there's the iconic Poodle Skirt, which needs...

CRINOLINE!! For anyone who has missed the delightful experience of wearing multiple slips, crinoline is a petticoat which makes your skirt stands out. We even sewed little bells to the edges so you jingled while you walked, but only at Christmas time.

And finally, I've never been a falsie wearer, but find the current false eyelash craze pretty awful. Perhaps it's because the eyeliner extends way past the eyeball, but to me the falsies look half-ass, and terribly distracting. Instead of listening to their words I'm focused on the bugs on their eyeballs.

Am I alone?  Hello? I guess it's proof of what they say: "Wait long enough and any style will come back."

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  1. LOL, you do know that the shoes were really called, 'spectator' shoes, right? I think the Speck Tators, turned into Specked Potatoes was something we made up as children and it just stuck. I can't find anything on Google except Nike potato shoes (because of the lumpy leather), but it's a nice memory.


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