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Jan 7, 2018

Presidential Buttons

"Did you read Trump's (bluster) about his nuclear button being bigger than Kim Jong-Un's?"

"Of course."

"Doesn't that make you nervous?"

"Why?  You don't actually believe they gave him a WORKING button, do you? I've no doubt his button-claim is true; I'm sure they gave him a hum-dinger, more evocative of his ego than hand size, tee hee.

"And not only is it bigger, but it likely produces motion and sound. Can't you just imagine a Presidential Jack-in-the-Box popping out of the Resolute Desk, accompanied by kazoo tunes?" 

BOING!!!  Out pops Hillary.

They have different versions in case the rumors aren't true that the Prez forgets who he saw yesterday.

He's not supposed to test it anyway, so how would he know?

Ba-BOING!!!  The Russians are Coming.

Nah, he's not a-feard of them.

BOING-BOING!! How about the Special Counsel?

This was too much fun to prepare, what, with all the choices; but  Jeff-in-the-Box has to be my favorite.

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