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Dec 29, 2020

Let's Compromise with Stimulus Payments

Honestly, I don't understand why people making $75,000 need $2,000 or even $600 dollars. $4,000 for a couple making $150,000? Don't you think they could economize on something silly like, well, you come up with your own example. Sell a boat; skip a vacation; start cooking.

How about this: everyone below, say, $25,000 gets $2,000; between $25-50,000 get $1250; $50-75000 get $600.  That sounds fair, and it wouldn't cost as much. I've already heard more than one acquaintance say they didn't really need the extra money. Who came up with $75,000 anyway?

They said, during the first round of stimulus payments, that they didn't have enough time to figure out how much people should get depending on where they lived, in order to make things more equitable. For example, $2,000 goes much farther in Oregon than New Jersey. But the IRS claimed they didn't have enough time to re-write their computer programs.

Well, since nothing's changed, who dropped that ball?

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