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Dec 4, 2018

Why Do Men Love Long Hair?

BC and I are letting our hair grow indefinitely, but not to snare a date necessarily.  Our decisions are based on finances, for in the past year her grooming bill increased from $45 to $65, plus tip (still cheap compared to much of the country), and it's been cut every 6-8 weeks.  Me, last time I went to Walmart for a $15 cut I GOT a $15 cut.  It was the day before I left for Tahoe and I felt like a complete hag.

Nance brought me along to her hairdresser in Incline who, with just a few knowledgeable snips, changed the look entirely and I stopped crying.  That’s when I learned that anyone younger than me by 20 years or more has no idea what the term Pageboy means. The Walmart gal should have asked for clarification for she got it completely wrong, and I should have known something was wrong when she began shaving my neck.

I cut off my long hair a few years ago to save on water while traveling, but mostly because I was afraid I’d turn white overnight.  I thought to donate the hair to a wig maker for cancer victims while it still had color, but surprise, surprise, the people I contacted preferred to create synthetic wigs. So my ponytail remains in a bag in my medicine cabinet until I come up with a good idea for myself, like a braided headband or a hairpiece to put in my Snood.

Yesterday I noticed my hair no longer has that nice, reddish hue which brightened in the sun. I thought it would last while I turned grey, but no, it’s dulled; which is why I imagine so many women of a certain age color their hair.

That leads to the question, Why do so many men love long hair on women?  I’ve never had a man luxuriously brush my hair while I sat at a dressing table in my Scarlett O’Hara boudoir.  No man ever took a handful and rubbed their face in it, but I did smoke for many years.  If anything it was one of us going,

“Ptew, ptew,” while getting sweaty.

Yesterday I watched a woman walking in front of a Retirement Home. Her face was weathered and barely distinguishable, but her waist-length white hair caught my attention.

What’s the point? Long hair can be a pain to care for but even so, many women with achy bones and friends for husbands choose to keep it long. I'm missing something here. Maybe they're saving money like BC and me, or hoping to cover sagging skin.

Ahhh, maybe that's why men love long hair.

On a separate note, I had to explain a term to the clerk in Goodwill the other day.  I picked up a new pair of Bass Weejuns for less than 10 bucks, and I was reminiscing a bit until I noticed the blank look in her eyes.

“Ask someone older…they’ll know what Penny Loafers are.”

“I’ll ask my Grandmother.”

Gee, thanks.


  1. I'm trying to find that video that shows boys/men vs. girls/women from birth to old age and the similarities and differences. Basically, we look the same for the first few years, and then again at the end. Fat moves around as we age (man-boobs), everything sags (no curves), so except for makeup and hair/beard (not even clothes anymore) we sorta look the same in our declining years. Long hair makes me feel feminine. I wear it for the same reason that I wear lipstick and don't wear brown shoes - they make me feel 'clunky' and masculine. And it's easier to pull long hair back in a clip or pin it up in a twist and add a pair of earrings. I don't have to shampoo it every day, as I did in the past. Now that my hair is silver, it's thinner, drier, and all I need to wash daily is what's around my face. And yes, if I decide to get a trim, a $15 cut is just fine. I do it twice a year at the start of the summer and at Christmas holiday time. I've had the spa treatments in the past (when I was working); I can't see much of a difference for the little I have done by them. I know the precision matters more with short hair. I just never liked myself in it.

    1. I don't think I'll wear my brown shoes again without trying to walk on tippy-toes. And I don't want to resemble my next door neighbor so I've got Post-It notes strategically placed with a single word: OINK. I want to die with a couple of curves left so I'll be recognized. Thanks for the note!


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