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Apr 24, 2020

Where the Hell's the Money?

Those of you who have already received your stimulus payments have relaxed.  You got some bills paid, lucky you.  I hoped to be among you; day after day checking the news for updates on when money should be deposited, while waiting for Trump to change his mind.

There's nothing in the new stimulus package to help out the states or the hungry.  Luckily Oregon's already doled out some extra cash for that.  But why are we having to do everything piecemeal?  Why isn't the National Guard surrounding Georgia right now? 

Metropolitan areas are more at risk than those of us in the boondocks; but what's to keep you infected people from coming here since you can't go out where you live?  Does this make sense to anyone?

I expressed condolences to British friends after PM Boris Johnson contracted the virus:  "We should be so lucky."

(I don't really mean that.)

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