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May 19, 2019


While house-sitting in Tahoe I was able to catch up on the first four episodes of Season 8, Game of Thrones, in an afternoon; but since I’m back in No-HBO-land I’ll have to wait to watch the last two episodes until Amazon ships in December.  How upset am I?  Not very.

I wasn't terribly impressed with what I watched, and I've already heard enough non-spoiler-Spoilers to know one thing about tonight's finale:  it sucks.  Thanks to morning show hosts, Anderson Cooper and even NPR, I have one or two ideas of what’s about to happen; and if Jon Snow himself calls the ending Disappointing, why get my panties in a knot?

I’m tired of movie makers turning riveting stories into lengthy affairs which invariably disappoint us while taking our hard-earned cash.   There are plenty of good tales out there just waiting to be turned into 2 hours of entertainment.  Why not Ruff Life at Sea?  (I’ll be plugging my blog-book periodically until I’m finished, but after how many Star Wars, who's going to mind?)

Final installments, often split into two parts, tend to be predominately grey, have you noticed? Think Hobbits, Archers, Wizards; can't speak to Superheros. The only clue that you’ve got a color TV is an occasional shot of red hair or spurting blood.  That must be the artsy-thing to do, so younger generations experience Black and White for themselves.

So farewell, Game of Thrones.  It’s been fun, mostly.  Can't wait to see if the Night King steps out of the shower like Bobby Ewing.

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