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Aug 12, 2018

Where's the Unknown Region?

I keep joking that I'm so far behind I think I'm first, such as when I just learned the other day about breathalyzers installed in automobiles and why. Amazing; I had no idea; how long has that been going on, I asked a pal?

"You mean you've never heard of that?!"  to which I was slightly embarrassed.

Therefore, when I looked at this morning's Google stats I was stupefied by the number of viewers from Unknown Region.  Where, exactly, is that?

Yesterday a single Unknowner was noted, but suddenly this morning there's 92 more. My stats don't indicate what piqued their interest,which I find frustrating; but that happens from time to time.  I'll suddenly get 100 viewers from Vietnam, 90 from France; but Unknown?  Where on Earth is that?

Are they shrouded IP addresses from some secret Government agency?  Some terrorist network, in which case somebody besides me oughta take notice; or could it be some yet-to-be-discovered civilization in a Rain Forest which accidentally found someone's laptop or shot down a drone?  I'd like to know.  So if you're Someone from Unknown, please write to me and give me a hint where to look.

Aug 9, 2018

Keeping America Hungry

Yesterday was my appointment to review my public medical and food stamp eligibility. I turned 62 last fall, so as required by law I was transferred from the Supplemental Security Income program to regular old Social Security, and things changed.

Switching over wasn't frightening, because contrary to my current situation I used to have good jobs and dutifully contributed to the community-pot; but since my Social Security is more than the $750 limit, my food stamps dropped from $175 to $112 a month.  It was tough enough, but c'mon already...

Surprise, surprise; but I was't.  I knew it was coming, since I've learned that whatever they giveth, they taketh away. My monthly increase through social security comes to about $200; and yesterday I was told that not only would my food stamps be reduced, but I'd have to pay a bit over $100 for my Medicare, since I'm no longer eligible for the Oregon Health Plan.

"But I'm (supposed to be) a Christian Scientist; do I HAVE to pay for the medical?"

Yes, but wait...there's something called the Pickle Amendment, I'm not making this up.  Check the link for a more accurate description, but basically it's aimed at protecting indigent people, previously covered under SSI, who are thrown off the rolls because they suddenly receive their Social Security. Named for a Congressman during the '70s.

According to the nice lady, even though I'll have the automatic deduction for Medicare, the Pickle Amendment (might) allow me to be reimbursed for most, if not all, of that. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for that judgement, I can tell you; but it seems like a waste of energy, not to mention taxpayer dollars, to administer something which should be available for everyone.

So a friend just delivered what is surely to be the first of many care packages, above. Lea knows I'm not crazy about fresh, healthy food, but when you're hungry you'll eat most anything.  Even the homemade grape jelly.

As I said, this was no surprise; and our President wants to take even more away, go figure.  I'd like to see The Donald try to live on $30 a week for food and see if it changes his tune at all. At least he'd be less of a porker.

Aug 2, 2018

Apologies to Melania

On behalf of the citizens of Oregon's 2nd Congressional District I would like to apologize to our First Lady for one political hopeful's despicable comment, calling her a 'hoebag'.

What a jerk; what a pig; and I certainly wouldn't choose Mark Roberts as my representative in Washington. I just want our long-suffering FLOTUS to know that.

AJ, Greg Walden
Here I am with Greg Walden, my current Congressman.  We may have opposing views at times, but I doubt he'd be so insulting, let alone on Twitter. So Roberts is an idiot, too.

Don't you know that I'll be serving up a piece of my mind if I run into Roberts campaigning around town.  Let's see, what should I say that won't put me in the same category as the 'slimebag'?

Maybe just ask him where he hangs his white hood.

Aug 1, 2018

Sausage Dog Gets a Waist

Home safe and sound, thanks!  It was smokey from Incline Village to So OR but the roads were clear. No traffic to speak of except for a few construction areas, which made me wonder about the health of those beefy workers without masks repairing our roads in such conditions.

Must get hazardous duty pay; at least I hope they do. Close to a month away from home can help you develop good habits, which for BC and me involved eating. We've both put on the pounds a bit over time, but fortunately my Tahoe friends are extremely healthy eaters who bike and hike all the time, ewww.  I snuck some snacks I'd brought along to James when Nancy wasn't looking, but he's back on his own.

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