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Dec 14, 2018

Philanthropists Wanted!

I am issuing a plea for philanthropic individuals looking to donate to a worthy cause before the end of the year: the 501c3 tiny-home community for the formerly homeless created here in southern Oregon, Hope Village

A GoFundMe page has been established to aid in the expansion recently approved by our City Council. At the moment we need to complete a Community Center before we can admit additional residents, and Baby, it's cold outside!

If you prefer you may also mail a check directly to Rogue Retreat Hope Village, 711 E. Main St. #25, Medford, OR  97504.

For more about the Village here's a link to a recently completed video by a group in California on our tiny home community. These communities are popping up all around the country in response to our common problem of affordable housing. Thank you for helping.

Dec 4, 2018

Why Do Men Love Long Hair?

BC and I are letting our hair grow indefinitely, but not to snare a date necessarily.  Our decisions are based on finances, for in the past year her grooming bill increased from $45 to $65, plus tip (still cheap compared to much of the country), and it's been cut every 6-8 weeks.  Me, last time I went to Walmart for a $15 cut I GOT a $15 cut.  It was the day before I left for Tahoe and I felt like a complete hag.

Nance brought me along to her hairdresser in Incline who, with just a few knowledgeable snips, changed the look entirely and I stopped crying.  That’s when I learned that anyone younger than me by 20 years or more has no idea what the term Pageboy means. The Walmart gal should have asked for clarification for she got it completely wrong, and I should have known something was wrong when she began shaving my neck.

Nov 27, 2018

Why Shouldn't They be Stopped?

I'm not a Trump fan, but I don't like what I'm seeing at the border, either. If you didn't recognize the landscape, you might think the people throwing rocks and being tear-gassed were in the Middle East, not along our southern border.  Even if only a small minority are criminals, I don't think throwing rocks is the best way to introduce yourself to a country where you're seeking asylum.

Many of our ancestors snuck into the country so we certainly can't cast metaphorical stones; but if my grandparents started throwing rocks at the immigration agents I'm sure they would have been put on the first ship back to Europe and the horrors they were escaping at the time.

What's wrong with requiring immigrants to enter at designated ports? Why are we being heartless by refusing to allow anyone to enter anywhere?   And consider this: U.S. residents down in those parts are boldly armed. If refugees arrive through the fence Willy-Nilly, do you really think Bubba and Leroy won't shoot? 

Nov 24, 2018

Bonanza Days

Guess where we've been?  Our home-away-from-home, Lake Tahoe. I spent almost 2 months house-and-pet sitting for pals, and we had absolutely beautiful weather.  Let this post be a nudge to any armchair travelers to get out on the road and see our country for yourselves, weather permitting.

Incline Village, on the North Shore of the lake, is pretty much residential and very upscale, whereas the South Shore holds more touristy-attractions; but the beauty of the lake and surrounding landscape are the draw so who cares?

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