"What a wonder life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner." Colette

Jun 1, 2020

Having an Alzheimer's Moment

Isn't this the same shit we saw in the 60's?

Thanks, folks, for totally overshadowing the real problem.  In time few will remember George Floyd's name; only riots and Antifa; and NOTHING will change.

Truly suckish.

May 31, 2020


Getting old is a matter of mind over matter.

If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

A Mark Twain adaptation, who else?

May 30, 2020

At the Grocery Store

Following my last post about Grocery Store Stress, I received more than one note advising me to, "Chill."   That's why I write; getting things out of my system letter by letter rather than cutting my arms, drinking excessively or beating BC, since I've no children.  That's OK...I appreciate the warm vibes, but I do feel sorry for those who can't or won't express themselves and keep things bottled up inside.  Not a good thing.  It's called a Nervous Breakdown.

Still and all, after parking at a different Walmart than my previous post, I put the sun shades against the front window and took a good, long puff before donning mask and gloves, grabbing my walking stick and heading into battle.

It wasn't nearly as bad as I'd expected and you'd be proud, as I was, that when I insulted people at least I did it in a normal tone and without too much inflection.

But damned if NOBODY WANTED TO PLAY!!!  Not the corpulent old geezer in his sailor's cap, rat-dog in his arm, boogieing up the wrong way as if he had every right because of his wheelchair; not the mask-less woman twirling around the aisle, shouting and laughing with her 20-ish daughter, who actually chuckled at the term inbreds, proving my point.

At least this time I got everything on my list.

May 26, 2020

GSS - Grocery Store Stress

That's really a term.  So Trump's cutting off Brazil to prevent infection from abroad, but who's going to protect us from beach-goers?  Church-goers?  HIM???

I'm off to another stressful shopping trip t Walmart, can't make their 6 am Senior Hour.  Last time I went I broke down in tears...here's what happened:  I paused for some tuna fish towards the end of an aisle when a 30-ish man with 3 small children, all without masks, turned up the aisle towards me.

"Excuse me," I began, "you're heading the wrong direction."  The arrows are confusing, no one denies it.

Lady of Guadalupe
"Haha, I don't mind!"

"I do."  He stopped and stared.  "I do," I repeated, refusing to back down.

"Well, you're the only one," he snarked as he turned around.

"You have no idea what underlying condition I may have..." I lamely argued to his back side.  Then Amy got pissed I felt I had to explain my position to 'that punk'.  Since his parents never taught him right from wrong, what's the point?  And look at the values he's passing on to his own rug rats.  Don't misinterpret: they weren't disheveled or underfed.  They looked like your typical Millennial family brought up to feel entitled.

Calabash tree w/fruit
So in the next aisle Amy let loose what just happened to the WM employee filling online orders, how frustrating.

"Uh-oh, I go the wrong way," she admitted; but it didn't register because the young family was advancing behind us and I expected another confrontation.  I raised my voice as I pulled out more ammunition, and by the time they passed I was loaded for bear.

May 17, 2020

Long Enough

We've done what they asked but it's been long enough.  

We baked cookies, made noise and sewed masks to show our support, but it's been long enough.  Time to hit the beach and start charging for those masks.  Our health care professionals have shown they're willing and able to deal with our neglect.

We wore masks, and in the beginning it was cute to see people's colorful creativity on display, but it's been long enough.  They're blocking Free Speech.

We reached out to old people and tried to keep them safe, but it's been long enough.
"If they haven't caught it by now..."
"They're gonna die soon anyway..."
If my experience yesterday in a supermarket is any indication, we've moved fully into Phase 2: Open Infection, so let's get on with it already.

Hero pay increases per hour proved corporate America had a heart after all, but they've a limit and it's been long enough.  Better buy a goat and learn to grow your own food, for grocery workers won't take much more.

Trump's Not My Fault attitude has proven once again that he has no business being in the White House"Let them figure it out for themselves; I'm doing just fine; so'r my businesses."


May 15, 2020

Why can't sports teams adapt?

Boy, if things don't change drastically soon I know more than a few who'll go ballistic when football season gets cancelled.  They'll be riots for sure.

I was just listening to a couple of male broadcasters lamenting how Covid-19 might affect the basketball and hockey seasons, which made me wonder:

Can't they ALL begin playing again once things open up?  Is there some law I don't know about that says baseball can only be played from March to October or hockey October to April?  (I had to look those up.)  Instead of fans suffering a complete year of withdrawals waiting for the next season, why not start playing once it's SAFE FOR ALL?  The players are still getting paid (aren't they?), didn't things turn out nicely for Tom Brady.  Sometimes we just get lucky.

And why couldn't the same apply for schools?  Wouldn't it be nice for work-at-home parents to have some time alone when the weather's great?  What's wrong with kids having summer vacation in the winter?  Or spring?

Why not?

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