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May 11, 2021

Where'd She Go?

I'm just popping my head up for a sec.  At the moment I'm dealing with an issue; or rather BC's dealing with an issue, which has my full attention.

I'll get back to story-telling soon; from my lips to God's ears; but in the meantime, I've been tweaking my Ruff Life at Sea story, so if you're interested in visiting again (or for the first time) please enjoy.

Apr 29, 2021

What's Wrong with Me?


Jackson County is about to go back into the Extreme Risk category later this week.  No more indoor dining, and activities continue to be curtailed.  Think of the business owners.

Before Covid, one activity I enjoyed was volunteering at our local performance theater, the Craterian.  I wommaned the Concession Stand and got to watch all sorts of live shows.  At least it got me out. Well that's not happenin' for some time, and with the reduced capacity once it opens, I'll probably have fewer opportunities to pour that wine.

Anyway, this afternoon's the verdict by the Governor and counties all over Oregon are on pins and needles.  It's frustrating to see people in other states whooping it up while we're stuck in the corner like toddlers.  And why is that?  Because self-serving you-know-whats around here REFUSE to consider others.  One baby shower alone has produced what they're calling third-generation spread. 

We have a Governor who cares about the welfare of her wards, but who's going to believe her when we watch live sporting events and dancing in the streets just about everywhere but here?

THAT's why I've been ranting.  And trust me, I'm not alone.

Apr 28, 2021

Who ARE Those 650 People?

The ones whose wealth grew an average of a Trillion Dollars during the pandemic, dontcha wanna know?

Let's round 'em up, put 'em in Congress and surround them with the January 6th Patriots.


Does anyone truly believe that out-of-choice, Un-vaccinated people, will be responsible and (continue to?) wear masks around others?  If they didn't care about the rest of us before, what makes you think they'll care now?

I don't know about you, but instead of checking out someone's left hand I've begun trying to gauge their age; and the likelihood that they're an American or an Un, talk about profiling. 

There’s an awful lot of sneaky people out there.  It’s the same as an un-masked person announcing they've been Covid tested, without revealing they've not actually received their results.  That's not a grey area; that's lying.

So will YOU believe everyone who claims to be vaccinated?  If so, I've got a bridge to sell.

Just one American's opinion.

Apr 27, 2021

A Modular Teardrop Kitchen

I channeled the skills of every man I've known while working on this part of my teardrop project, since power tools are not my forte. No offense to my fellow-females, but I don't know any who are more than handy with a hammer and screwdriver.  (I take that back...remember the gal who used to back up Bob Vila?  She became one of those Entertainment Tonight hosts, but boy, could she wield power tools on This Old HouseBoth were early role models for me.)

The back was as empty as the inside, except for a pull-out sink, a small crate-shelf attached to the back wall, the blue cooler and, not shown, a car battery behind the sink.  Attached to the underside of the shelf was a strip of 12V lights, and two more spotlights like the ones inside were in the ceiling. 

Here's what it looks like one year later.  It might be a bit busy for some but BUSY suits me just fine.  As you follow along, please remember this: everything needs to be removed for an eventual cross-country trek (read  A Teardrop Transformed).

As it turned out, the battery had a crack in it and acid was leaking on to the wood. At first I thought the teardrop itself was leaking because I'd mop up the 'water' but it would be back the next day, after a rain.

When it was wet without any rain I ran my finger through the liquid to give it a sniff and that's when I knew, ow! Good thing I didn't lick it like a cat. The battery was HUGE and weighed a ton; for just those few lights?  It took all my strength to pull it out, and a friend got rid of it for me.  The hole is for the hose connected to the sink, covered with a green accordion fabric sleeve.  You put a container under the teardrop to collect the 'grey' water, then dispose of it properly.  No, you don't drain it on the ground.

Apr 25, 2021

A Teardrop Transformed

"Don't worry if anything falls off the wall," I warned house-guest Robin in advance.

That's one of the troubles with living in an RV:  the walls aren't exactly SOLID.  But they are PAINTABLE, so welcome to my Corona Project, I'm  still debating the name.  I always intended on painting it ala Hobbiton but didn't have the nerve to begin on the outside.  So I began on the inside.

This post's primarily bragging photos, and when I get around to it I'll post detailed instructions on another of my blogs, Starving Artist TNT.  Not much there besides good intentions, but you're welcome to take a peek anyway.

I wanted a teardrop that was fairy empty of cabinetry, lightweight and within my very-limited budget.  If you look online you'll see all sorts of darling teardrops full of clever woodworking and space-saving appliances and trust me, I drooled over plenty of photos. They're also at a premium because they can be towed by most anything and the country's in a traveling state of mind.

The main reason for my purchase was to retrieve my things from storage in New Jersey, and rather than rent a one-way U-Haul for the trip home, I hoped to find something which could serve double-duty as a get-about to continue my Travels with Buttercup.

Original gourd art designs Copyright 2021 Andrea Jansen Designs. Please write for permission.



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