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Jan 16, 2021

When's YOUR Turn?

Who's surprised that the wealthy and privileged are receiving vaccinations prior to their turn?  Not me.  Did you hear how Snowbirds and Canadians are flying down to Florida to get shot; when Floridians over 80 are still trying to make reservations?  Many have difficulty navigating the Internet; should they lose their turn?

Now that they're opening up vaccinations for 65 and over, my announced vaccination date is end of February, early March but I don't believe that.  April, earliest and likely May, we'll see.  I'm sure as hell not calling 300 times to make a reservation and you know the top 1% isn't either.

Private planes with boxes of vaccines are flying to private parties all over the place so that guests can be privately served.

I made that up but it's probably true.  And I'll bet most of them don't think there's anything wrong with that.  Just like the Capitol rioters, I put them in the same category.

Jan 13, 2021

The Divided States of America

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am seriously looking in to leaving the country. I've got my passport; BC's had her shots; and there's not much to leave behind.  If I don't then I'm buying a handgun, but with my eyesight I think emigrating is safer.

I live in Oregon and still have a Biden sticker on my bumper because I'm lazy.  Talk about reckless.  But besides that, Amy's too defiant to scrape it off, and why should I have to?  Why should I be afraid  for my property or life, or BC's, if I stop for gasoline or a quick sandwich?  God forbid I have to go inside a grocery store; I'm a nervous wreck.

While listening to the acrimonious language many Republicans continue to spew, it's all I can do to keep down my breakfast. A mere 7 days later they're attempting to whitewash Trump's unforgivable behavior on January 6th, it's appalling.  "Poor judgement."  Please, he's not an underage teen caught drinking.  We're supposed to be coming together, but by the looks of Congress today that doesn't seem possible.

I'm afraid it's a matter of time before I get into a pack of trouble or worse, because I won't roll over while someone expresses offensive, hate speech; and since I still value my life it's time to leave.

Therefore, since I'm already on the west coast I think my best bet is to apply for political asylum in New Zealand.  My maternal grandfather's family moved from Wanganui to Whangarei and Wellington. Sydney E. Pritchard served with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force during WWI, including at Gallipoli. His brother, George Thompson Pritchard, became a well-known artist, and one of his paintings, depicting the signing of the Bill of Rights by William III, was presented to the New Zealand House of Representatives, read more in Starving Artists Run in the Family.  I've been wanting to do some family research for a long time; why not now?

So to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern or anyone in New Zealand willing to sponsor a descendant of one of your own (I can pay my own way), please contact me through the widget on the right. Stranger things have happened.


Jan 12, 2021

Jim Jordan the Next Threat

I love that...The people '...instinctively know.'

This is almost as unbelievable to watch as last Wednesday.  God help America.

Jan 11, 2021

Look Who's Getting the Congressional Medal of Freedom

Rep. Jim Jordan, really?  The man who sweeps sex abuse under the rug?  Why am I not surprised.  

Re-read What's Wrong with Ohio

Jan 10, 2021

Losing 30 Pounds was a SNAP

This just came out in today's paper, reprinted below in case you can't see the link:

Losing 30 Pounds was a SNAP.

By Andrea Jansen
for the Mail Tribune

People are publicly proclaiming their pandemic achievements and lifestyle changes.  My triumph is losing 30 pounds since the spring; not because I am a front line worker or exercise fanatic but a SNAP recipient.

Prior to Covid-19, my monthly food allotment was approximately $80, but has since increased by $100.   This equals the maximum amount I might receive for my situation:  65, living alone, Social Security my sole income.  It’s not hard to understand how my focus had been price over nutrition, so predictably, the pounds piled on.

That began to change when I could afford better quality food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, leaner meats, healthful snacks and reduced calorie items.  I replaced pasta with fish and read nutritional labels as never before.  No longer huffing and puffing on short walks, I have more energy and don’t crave sweets as much; but just in case, I’ve discovered delicious, sugar-free chocolates. Encouraged by the bathroom scale, I continue eating smaller meals and curbing bad habits. I happily donated my wardrobe to fire victims.

I therefore advocate at least a portion of the increased SNAP benefits become permanent, but with an unpopular yet sensible caveat:  there should be restrictions on junk food. This idea is not new but was raised during deliberation of the Food Stamp Act of 1977, when a proposed change restricting low-nutritional foods was rejected.  Here are a few examples of why the entire program could use re-examination:

In grocery stores, only cold foods can be purchased using SNAP; nothing from the hot, prepared section.  A freshly roasted chicken does not qualify; however, once that same unsold, dried-out carcass is placed in the refrigerated section it becomes eligible.  Not everyone has an oven, consider fire and homeless victims.

Not permitted are alcohol and tobacco, rightly so; but neither can SNAP be used for paper or hygiene products. Some people advocate dogfood be allowed but as a pet owner I disagree.  Free dogfood is frequently donated through shelters, but hand soap and toothpaste don’t grow on trees.

I can grab all the candy, ice cream, pastries, chips and soda I want.  I could blow my entire month’s allotment running the gauntlet at the checkout stand.  Holiday gift boxes with gourmet food items get through, I discovered by accident.  I can even buy a jalapeno pepper plant.

I need toilet paper more than a jumbo bag of M&M’s, and a warm meal is healthier than a can of Red Bull.  If I crave a bag of chips but have to pay for it with cash, I’ll think twice and grab an apple. Imagine the reduced cases of obesity and diabetes alone.

It won’t help to throw extra credit into SNAP accounts if people don’t know how to manage a limited budget, so I suggest every SNAP household receive a guide to shopping and cooking a healthful diet, such as Good and Cheap, Eat Well on $4 a Day, by Leanne Brown, available online for free.

Jan 8, 2021

Who Killed Betty Crocker?

I'm not particularly sorry that Betty Crocker was shot on January 6th in the Capitol. I’m somewhat sorry for the pain of her family, who I'm guessing were complicit. But tell me…if she’d been a skinhead with a painted face and baseball bat…would you feel differently? If the answer's Yes then you’re a hypocrite, let's not mince words.

This was lawlessness, pure and simple. If it was me and I was shot whose fault would it be but my own?  Betty knew exactly what she was doing. I don’t care that she was a 12-year Air Force veteran; weren’t they teaching future terrorists how to fly? If I was a current or former member of the Air Force, I’d be ashamed. That’s not our military.

I sure hope Trump isn’t permitted a Sharpie to sign his oversized signature, which compensates for…well, you know; in order to give himself, his children, Giuliani and who knows who else a pardon, that’s coming and you know it, what a guilty conscience.

So tell me, at whose feet should we lay Betty’s apron? Trump always claimed he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it.  What about on Constitution Avenue?  What if he LIVES on Pennsylvania Avenue? What do we call someone who’s killed another?
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