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Jun 20, 2019


I think it's pretty clear that Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand and the rest have NO intention of working with people with whom they disagree in Congress. 

Sure Biden worked with the Segregationists.  They weren't fellows standing on the street corner; they were voted in by their segregationist constituency.  And like it or not ALL their jobs are to work together to get things done for the rest of us, something which doesn't seem to happen often anymore.

This bullshit thrown at the front-runner is, in my opinion, an attempt to promote themselves before the debates.  You know what I think of them now?


Do you know which has been my most popular post:  Little Black Sambo and Me.  I think people search online for racists to blast and assume I'll be a good target. (Read it for yourself.)

My blog stats demonstrate how obsessed we are with digging into our racial divide and highlighting particular issues, such as the topic of reparation for descendants of slaves.  I am not against the principle, but we can't repair all the damage our forefather's have done around the world.  But now that I think about it,

They weren't MY forefathers, so why should I pay?

Lay it in the laps of the Mayflower folks, Jamestown descendants and Daughters of the American Revolution.  Most of them are probably on Forbe's 400.  Think about it.  They can afford it.  Why tax the rest of us?

I'd like to be compensated for my forefathers, whose farm was wiped off the map one fine night during WWII; but Poland is one country which makes reparation close to impossible, I've checked.  We can't pick and choose who should be compensated.  I'm homeless because Poland won't pay up?  What would you call me then?  I know what my last partner would say:


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