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Aug 15, 2019

Benefits for Illegals

"They took away my food stamps," one gal from the Village explained to me the other day, "because I don't have utility bills,"  once she obtained temporary housing and was no longer on the street.  

I know that sounds crazy, but I experienced a similar situation a few years ago at one annual evaluation.  Instead of listing my electricity separately from my monthly rent, I included it.  I pay my 'landlord' a lump sum which includes electric, water, sewar and garbage; which is usually how it is living on someone else's property, unless they have separate meters.  All of a sudden my SNAP benefits went from something like $175 to $35.

"WTF?!!" When the woman explained the insane rule to me, I said, "Well, nothing's changed in my pocketbook from last year to today, so put it back the way it was!!!"  Fortunately she did, and I have a note to always keep my electric amount SEPARATE.

At last year's eval I relinquished my last bit of pride and put my name on the list for Section 8 housing.  When I checked the county's list the other day, I was number 3866.  At my SNAP meeting last week, before we even started, I asked if my current food stamp amount could possibly be re-evaluated, since yada, yada.

"The Computer figures it out automatically, sorry.  It only looks at X, Y and Z,"  and the questioning began.

My SNAP benefits had already been cut in half when I went from SSI to SS; and when we were finished the other day HAL took away another $20 in benefits, because my Social Security increased 2.8% last January along with everyone else's cost of living adjustment.

So ask me what I think of illegal immigrants and social benefits.

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