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May 30, 2020

At the Grocery Store

Following my last post about Grocery Store Stress, I received more than one note advising me to, "Chill."   That's why I write; getting things out of my system letter by letter rather than cutting my arms, drinking excessively or beating BC, since I've no children.  That's OK...I appreciate the warm vibes, but I do feel sorry for those who can't or won't express themselves and keep things bottled up inside.  Not a good thing.  It's called a Nervous Breakdown.

Still and all, after parking at a different Walmart than my previous post, I put the sun shades against the front window and took a good, long puff before donning mask and gloves, grabbing my walking stick and heading into battle.

It wasn't nearly as bad as I'd expected and you'd be proud, as I was, that when I insulted people at least I did it in a normal tone and without too much inflection.

But damned if NOBODY WANTED TO PLAY!!!  Not the corpulent old geezer in his sailor's cap, rat-dog in his arm, boogieing up the wrong way as if he had every right because of his wheelchair; not the mask-less woman twirling around the aisle, shouting and laughing with her 20-ish daughter, who actually chuckled at the term inbreds, proving my point.

At least this time I got everything on my list.

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