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Feb 22, 2016

Heil Trump?

I must pass along this article for those of you who are interested in stopping Trump. Published in the Chicago Tribune, Harvard political theorist Danielle Allen offers a frightening comparison (with which I happen to agree):

We Must Stop Trump

Before I became a more practical business major, my focus in college was history and politics.  One course I took included the rise of German nationalism  following WWI, leading inexorably to World War II.

I'm not going to give myself an entire refresher course in order to bore you with facts and figures, but basically Germany was reeling following WWI.  The Allies chopped the country apart, taking the most profitable lands and leaving Germany with a ton of war debts and no way to repay them. That's what happens to losers.

The German people hated the fact that the Reich had been so decimated on the world stage, and wanted more than anything to regain their rightful role as Masters of the Universe.

Or at least that's what Hitler promised.

So tell me, will you be proud to be a 21st century Nazi?

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