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Jan 31, 2016

Let's Celebrate!

My 10,000th page view...thank you!  Since I began this blog I’ve been following the statistics Google automatically compiles, trying to understand WHAT PEOPLE LIKE, but I just don’t know how to interpret what I’m seeing. 10,000 page views might simply consist of 9,000 Spiders.  Alls I know is my ego's boosted with each count, at least for a little while.

So what else would I like 10,000 of?  Let’s see…besides dollars or diamonds…

10,000 gallons of gasoline.  At today’s prices that’s feasible, for any altruistic readers.
10,000 M&M’s.  Peanut.
10,000 Birthday cards.  For my 100th.
How about 10,000 LAUGHS!  Yes!  OK, here’s my best joke:

“A Professor was studying the correlation between intelligence and parts of the country.  He took a man from Connecticut and one from Arkansas and gave them both the following task:

“Compose a poem using the word, Timbuktu.”

Placed in a soundproof room, the Connecticut fellow emerged after a couple of hours and was asked to read his aloud:

“Across the burning desert sand
Slowly rode the caravan.
Camels traveling two-by-two
Destination, Timbuktu.”

“Well," the Professor began, "not only was that grammatically correct, it was kind of pretty.”  He gave the same instructions to the Arkansan, who emerged 20 minutes later, declaring,

“Hyuk…I’m done!”,  and this is how his went:

“My friend Tim and me, a-hunting we went
When we came upon three whores in a tent.
Them being three, us being two
I bucked one and Tim bucked two.”

Thanks for celebrating-with!
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