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Jan 19, 2016

It Comes in Threes

Have you noticed?

David Bowie.  Alan Rickman.  And I just now read that Glenn Frey is gone. 

One time the Captain and I were bored on the boat, so we tried to figure out which actor appeared most often in our VHS movies.  Turned out to be Alan Rickman, and that was before Harry Potter. Rickman as Professoro Snape is memorable, absolutely, but be sure to re-watch January Man and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I vaguely remember Glenn Frey and the rest of the Eagles promoting Hotel California during a serviceman's tour in Germany, circa 1976. I remember thinking it was different.  The things we take for granted.

And finally David Bowie, who I never saw except on the silver screen.  But I certainly danced to Let's Dance in those black leather pants during the breakout period of MTV.

Rest in Peace, but goodness gracious will we be entertained in the afterlife!
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