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Sep 11, 2019

9/11 TODAY

When are we going to just make today a national holiday?  I dropped my car off at the mechanic's first thing, then dodged Halloween candy and employees with orange hair inside Walmart.  President Trump was on when I turned on the TV this morning, but it took me a moment to remember why.  I assumed he was firing somebody else.

I'd vote for another holiday, even if it's necessary to get rid of one we don't really need any more.  I've already advocated for a National Harriet Tubman Day, so kids would learn more about our history than a face on a piece of paper crumbled in a pocket.  Which would you say?

I'd also vote for free school lunches for ALL of America's children.  I'll even pay taxes, even though I don't own any.  Doesn't it tear your heart out to hear stories of youngster's chicken nuggets savagely ripped away and replaced with a cheese sandwich, simply because Granny was $9.74 overdue?

Instead, let's continue supporting the minuscule segment of our uber-wealthy population by buying their over-priced brands; attending their over-priced events (at our own peril); and driving up their advertising revenue by following every online thought and action, instead of living a genuine life.  Gee, what else would there be to aspire to?

Solemn September 11th, everyone.

P.S.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (my painting project) and luckily it's NOT an oncoming train.  Should be finished by this weekend, from my lips to God's ears.

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