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Jun 21, 2016

You Can't Take 'Jersey Out of the Girl

Being in New Jersey again is like being surrounded by an infection with no antibodies to help fight.  It’s possibly where I am the most antagonistic, although I have a world of acquaintances who might disagree.

In the past, whenever I’ve finally come out and admitted a hard truth here in public (whether it’s an irrational longing for an unkind lover or that I shoulda been a boy), I invariably feel better. After all, I’m only doing what society today encourages: BARE ALL, whether it’s the Emperor’s New Clothes or the darkest secrets of your dearest friend.

So what’s today’s confession?  I just can’t seem to get along with two-legged mammals.  I’m so adamant about expressing a contrary opinion whether or not it’s my own that it’s a wonder I walked down the aisle at all, let alone 3 times. All these years I’ve chalked it up to being a Libran seeking fairness and equity, but I don’t think that can continue to fly.

Synonyms for Argumentative: quarrelsome; confrontational; contrary; belligerent; aggressive; challenging. Not always easy reading your own bio. Alone with my insomnia I’m trying to place the blame on the regional Trumpism slapping me in the face with each lawn sign I pass. Yeah, sure, he represents the wrath and pomposity of the tri-state area in particular, but it’s more than that.

THIS is not America. This is nothing LIKE the rest of America. For the past 5 weeks, from Oregon to Donaldland, I’ve interacted with the population as much as one can during 2 or 3 minute invervals and I’m pleased to report that most of the population is still nice.  We smile at one another; we’ll pause to wave a car across; we speak more than grunt; but once I passed into Indiana all that appeared to change.

A pall seemed to settle on the population.  People appeared greyer in general; disgruntled. I’d already kicked in my what I thought was my East Coast driving attitude, but I can’t tell you how many times I witnessed my fellow Americans refusing to move over one free lane rather than watch me run out of entrance ramp. I assume they’d hoped for a good You Tube video crash, sorry to disappoint.

So now I barely look and just barrel onto the highway.  I can’t outfight a tractor-trailer (and rarely need to); but I am larger than most of the Benz’s and sports cars which are driven by people too old to look good with the top down anyway. I’ve already stopped myself from hollering once or twice but that won’t last long.

So is it me or is the environment contagious?  You can take the Girl out of ‘Jersey, but…

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