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Dec 11, 2015

My 'Tail

So I says to the hairdresser, I says, "The ponytail is the issue.  I was tempted to hack it off myself this morning, but thought the better of it." I'm getting tired of picking up long hairs; plus it takes too much water to wash (which makes a difference if you're hauling your own). "I want you to cut the ponytail between the two rubber bands (the white to hold it together afterwards), and then see what you can do with what's left on my head."

So many people are donating their hair for wig making, I figured if I was smart I'd keep my own while it still has color.  Might want a hairpiece someday, or else I can always make a spooky self-portrait gourd.  Particularly after recent events (see prior post), I figured there's no telling when I'll wake up to a completely silver head.

Nikki asked whether I wanted the slice closer to the top or bottom rubber band, since I might wind up practically bald in the back.  "I haven't had my hair short in decades, and as long as I'm keeping my tail it I'd like it as long as possible.  The hair on my head will grow again."

She was excited.  "Can I take a picture?"  I've only been her 5th hack-job.

For economy's sake, even in the Walmart salon, I never spend money for styling but this time I clearly needed it. I took my own photos when I got home, since I figured my hair would never look the same.  I'm an electric-curler gal who never mastered wielding a brush and blow-dryer in tandem, but if I look like a Marx Brother for awhile, so what?  I've always wanted to be Harpo for Halloween; I just can't master the whistle.

FYI, I am thrilled with the results.  Turns out it's an easy wash-and-brush 'do, and my headband works in a pinch.  Ladies, consider lopping off one giant lock, and if you don't keep it, donate it.  Better to help a cancer victim than just sweeping it away.  Ask any man who's losing his hair what it does to their self esteem.  Talk to your hairdresser.

One day I'll likely donate my tail, but right now I'm kinda feeling like Samson.  I find it comforting to know it's safely tucked away in a baggie, but I'd better go ahead and donate pretty soon before I forget where I put it.  Maybe I should start a Tails for Tots program.

P.S.  Check out my Etsy store if you still need a gift.

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