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Jul 1, 2015

Up in Smoke

It’s July 1st and recreational marijuana is legal in Oregon.  Ya-Hoo!!!  BFT.

I remember my first joint like some remember their first sexual encounter.  Ex-man 1 introduced me to the then-drug of choice and OMG! (snort, snort) Leading me down the path to ruin, next was the Grateful Dead concert; Cheech and Chong movies; learning to roll so it's not fat in the middle.

I was 18 so I guess I’ve been a lifelong smoker, only now I don’t have to worry about getting busted, except by my friends.  I remember the production one visiting boater made by picking up an errant seed on the floor of Ruff Life and carefully inspecting it before placing it in the ashtray (smoked cigarettes at the time, too).

Despite my openness, paranoia has kept me from revealing my dark secret to many of my friends, until now.  Funny thing, once I do it usually turns out they’ve been closet-smokers, too.  What a waste of time, we laugh, then head home to share a bowl.

I was at an art show in San Juan when friends of several years stopped by to admire my trinkets. “How can you create all these beautiful pieces?”

“I’m stoned all the time,” I blurted out, and we’ve been smokin’ buddies ever since.  This has been my, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” secret. I'm finally coming out of the pot closet.  Oh, this feels so liberating…I totally understand Caitlyn.

‘Course you can’t actually BUY pot here until the fall, so it’s a good thing I’ve already got my Medical Marijuana Certificate.

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