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Dec 17, 2014

The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming!

Living on the West Coast, I’m listening with interest to news of increased worldwide economic sanctions against Russia.  Everyone hopes to keep pushin’ Putin ‘til he breaks, but I am reminded of historical events leading to Hitler’s ascent to power following Germany’s economic troubles post-WWI.  The details are not as relevant as the resulting rise of nationalism, and eventually WWII.

Somehow I doubt that Putin will cave in to Democracy’s demands, so I’m considering my options once he comes out swinging.  Good thing my home’s on wheels.  How would our combined leaders feel if they debated in Seattle?  Who doesn’t think Bill Gates is moving priceless artwork inland (or underground)?

I remember being taught something about Saving Face. That’s what Putin needs, at least on the world stage.  It doesn’t sound like the Russian people are too upset with him at the moment; the Capitalists have moved to New York and London, and the rest are just hoping for something better than what they’ve got.

Just like us.

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