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Aug 3, 2014

Andie with a 'Y'

Since I recently bared one or two of my darker multiples, what's one more amongst friends?

I shoulda been a man. I'm saying that more and more these days because I'm finally facing the truth.  I said the same to gal-pals at lunch the other day, adding that when we were young we didn't have the choices there are today.  Many people later in life are leaving families to be in a homosexual relationship; we're used to that.

Pregnant pause.  "Do you want to be a lesbian?"

"No, but I mighta been a transgender.  At what age do kids nowadays realize they have a choice in determining which sex they want to be when they grow up?"

They were speechless.  "Dancin' with the Stars?  Chastity turns into Chad?"

Silent nods.  "I can be Andie with a 'Y'."

If I'd begun writing during early adulthood, I might have understood this long ago.  I always prefer(red) hanging around with men at parties; not to flirt, but because I was never interested in the stuff the wives were talking about.

Knew this photo would come in handy
Listening to Country Gold this morning I was gettin' down with Waylon, Willie and the Boys, when I acknowledged that I never wanted to hook up with a Highwayman; I wanted to BE one.  I always try to lead.  I'm happy with my pickup.  I'd wear bow ties and suspenders every day if I thought I could get away with it.

But the idea of dribbling down my drawers appeals to me not at all; neither am I attracted to my own sex except as friends and confidants.  My favorite movies featured androgynous populations.

Gee, think all this sexual confusion caused me to eat my young?

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