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Aug 19, 2012

This Lady Loves Outlaws

Gourd: #1 Mom, for mine
Like Highwaymen Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash.  Only Willie and Kris remain; American treasures. 
Good thing BC likes Country Western music, ‘cause where I live there’s not too much choice otherwise.  I like it, too; now that I think about it, my last post about my Rock musical taste stagnating in the ‘80’s was about the time I went on to husband #2 and the CW party began.
In them-there days, my favorite group was, hands down, Alabama.  Not-so-twangy music by yummy-looking dudes who didn’t have pompadours.  This morning, on Rick Jackson’s Country Classics Top 40 Hit Makers (of all time), I heard Alabama had 21 straight hits, beating out Running Bear, (I'm afraid I missed something in the translation), written by J.P. Richardson, aka the Big Bopper.  Released just after his death in the plane crash which took Buddy Holly and Richie Valens, it's an interesting story even if you think you know it.  And if you’re not a fan you’d still recognize the song.  Just like we all recognize the Chipmunk’s Christmas tunes.

I like Joachim Phoenix’s dark, brooking appearance and enjoyed watching him as Johnny Cash in Walk the Line, but he hasn’t yet filled out enough for my tastes. I can’t help comparing men's body development with that of dogs.  Bear with me, please, fellows; I’m on your side here.

Puppies sprout up in height long before they start filling out to their ideal size.  Just take a look at their feet at birth; they’re already behind schedule.  Young and spry, they play with Frisbees and balls long after their bodies suggest they quit; the dogs, too.  Chill.

It’s more apparent with larger breeds like German Shepherds, and the same is probably true of men’s stature.  Rather than explain, I’d like to give examples most can relate to, again, my personal views:

Harrison Ford in American Graffiti, filling out as Hans and Indie, and in his prime as Jack Ryan.  I think his first wife got the better deal.
Richard Gere in American Gigolo versus any of his grey-haired movies.  OMG, as they say.
Bruce Willis looks better now than he did in his days with Cybill Shepherd.
Sean Connery's in his own category.  The best 007 and, well, who doesn’t love the way he ever looked, with or without hair?  Loveable as Indie’s Dad, he and Alec Baldwin complemented one another in Hunt for Red October.  A fan of Alec's since, Dress Gray, a terrific movie rarely advertised, I think I love him more now for his personal humor and work with the NY Philharmonic.

So men, as you age remember this:  not all of us care about pot bellies or whether or not you’ve hair left on your heads, if you don’t mind if whatever’s left of our breasts hang near our thickened waists.   Men and women are in various stages of diminishing sex drives, so let's be upfront from the get-go and not waste time with mis-matching.  It's not like we have all the time in the world anymore.

I’m more interested in acquiring nice friends, men and women, rather than additional spouses anyway.  Any day of the week I'd prefer sharing a Nathan's hot dog with someone who can spin an interesting yarn over a fancy dinner date with someone obsessed with their stock portfoilio (or politics).  There's more to life.


  1. I dunno...I don't mind getting older; it's this aging thing that's getting me nervous!

  2. I really don't mind getting older, but why does gravity have to be so mean?


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