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Jul 11, 2012


Puerto Rican Sato, 'Petey'
Satos are Puerto Rican street dogs.  I’d run in to them daily while walking purebred collie Czar along the dock in la Parguera, Puerto Rico.  One in particular was a favorite; I called her “Petey” ala Little Rascals, and she lived longer than most.  Surprising, because the poor thing was pregnant more often than not; even Czar had a taste before he became a Soprano.  Petey had 2 puppies, the other the spittin’ image of Czar, but it was scooped up quickly.  This little fellow was gone the day after I took the photo.  The ones not so cute usually starve or are mistreated to death.

La Parguera, Puerto Rico
One day I witnessed the most criminal, heartbreaking scene which I can’t prove other than my words.  Look at this view; it’s gorgeous, and I was lucky enough to wake up to it for a dozen years.  I’d learned to keep an eye out for floating treasures; never found the wallet full of cash, but I picked up lifejackets, children’s toys and single Crocs, which I'd recycle. 
La Parguera, photo Andrea Jansen
The Captain and Czar were ashore, with the dinghy.  I spotted something far out in the water; close to that little buoy marker (barely visible) in the middle of the picture above.  The tide would eventually work its magic, so I went back to my painting.  As it got closer I saw that it wasn’t floating rubbish at all, but two dogs paddling towards shore.  I blinked and shaded my eyes; surely their owners were in a kayak close by, but no.  Just the two dogs.

From where I was floating, they didn’t have much farther to go, except one was getting tired.  I cried as I watched the first circling the second, encouraging it to continue; dog paddling took on a whole new meaning to me. I am happy to say they made it to shore, but unfortunately that was not the only time a lone dog was spotted in the water.  I can’t imagine anyone being that cruel, but then compared to Drive-By Shooting, a hand-held game a child proudly showed to me, dumping a dog in the ocean must seem tame.

Support your local animal rescues, and if you haven’t got a pet of your own, get one! 
You don’t know what kind of special friend you’re missing.

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  1. I've always had dogs (and many other pets, 2 and 4 legged, and winged). I just can't understand any kind of animal cruelty. Just can't!


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