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Jan 7, 2021

Madness, and Shame

Someone I love had the comment,

"They stayed within the ropes."

Where do you find the words, for this person is not the only one in the country who looks at yesterday with the atrocious view that,

"Eh, that's Trump.  He's still been the best thing for the country."

Back in November I wrote the following:

"How many of our fellow citizens have died from drinking bleach or not wearing masks, following our Leader's suggestions?  Trump's throwing up his you-know-whats and is hardly inclined to help us now.  About the only thing he CAN do is start a war, am I the only one concerned with that?  Does anyone else doubt he'll remain a Lame Donald Duck?"

Watching yesterday's events I thought, "I hadn't actually considered THAT," but which led to the horrible conclusion that Trump still has plenty of time to destroy us, they need to put a leash on him and tie his tiny, tiny hands.

I hope they throw all their asses in jail for a long, long time.

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