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Aug 28, 2018

Three Quick Things

I may have overacted a tad: my destiny was transferred from one Department of Health agency to another, and it turns out they will continue my health coverage as it was.  Amy wants to rip the throat out of the woman at Disability who alarmed us in the first place, but we'll let it go.  I certainly wouldn’t want the woman to lose her job, so what would be the point?  My ‘procedure’ has been rescheduled, so all is right with the world.

I didn’t get any readers from Easter Island, but today over 3,200 Ukrainians find something interesting; or a couple of things. One is my story about asking Putin for a place to live (Shades of Grey Pt. 2); the other is about my gourd Faberge Egg.  WELCOME.  That’s how I’ll greet the Feds at my door, too.

Last week, while wringing my hands about how to tackle tough times, I resurrected my fallback question: “Well, what CAN I do?” 
Quit being a whiner-baby, pull up your big-girl panties and BEG.

If you'll notice, I’ve changed the photo of BC and me (R column) to a button which links to a new donation page on my website called Help the Artist.  To those of you who have already helped me out, I’m not targeting you, but my new 3200 Ukrainian friends, thank you!

I was prompted to put this together after hearing of Washington big-shots in hot water; with GoFundMe pages for their legal feesAmy asked, “Why not?” and I agreed.

So I’m selling myself. If you’ve enjoyed my blog and have perhaps picked up an idea or two; and you’d like to say, "Thanks, keep up the good work,"  here you can.  Your help might mean the difference between using T.P. and leaves.

Unlike Washington, I'll give you something in return. No matter how much you donate, you can choose any of four digital folk art prints or four very cool photographs taken during my years in Puerto Rico. Read more about it on the page if you’d like, thank you.

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