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Jan 20, 2017

The Courage of Your Conviction

“Oh, there’s Ruth Ginsberg.  She said if Trump was elected she’d move to New Zealand,” my host snorted during the Inaugural Ceremony of our 45th choice, Donald Whatever Trump.

I couldn’t reply; most of the people who give me shelter on the road have been Trump supporters; so  I sat quietly, wearing a scrap of yellow paper with the single small letter:

pinned to my shirt. For illegitimate president.  I read about this idea prior to this morning’s ceremony.  A bunch of school teachers in NYC were wearing these while protesting but fear prevented them from revealing their names to the interviewer. I liked this small but significant icon, but does it remind you of another time in history? 

Did you hear the crowd chanting while Shumer was speaking, and the smirk on Trump’s face?  If that didn’t give you pause, then you’re the kind of person I need to avoid in the future.   I won’t be one of the people living near the concentration camps who claim,

“We didn’t know anything; and what could we have done if we did?”

I won’t be the only voicing similar views.  The Rise of Nationalism in America, that what we're witnessing, heralded by this vindictive leader.  Same thing happened in Germany after Bismark. Who, exactly, will the President consider real Americans?  Will he publish a list so we know where we stand from the start?  And will it include people who pay their fair share of taxes?

Naaahhh…which of his buddies would that leave to appoint?  Are we still waiting for a peek at his tax returns?  I guess it doesn’t matter; he’ll flip like a coin and claim  it was the Russians.

Me First…America First…it’s pure selfishness, and that thinking is not going to help us on the world stage, but that’s how insular people act. 

I was willing to remain neutral and give the guy a chance, until I listened to Trump’s hate-inspiring inaugural speech this morning.  NOW  I feel the need to express my civil disobedience  and will design my own patch to wear proudly and defiantly, which is what I do best.

You’re invited to come along as I continue down the road, once it stops raining here in the San Francisco bay area.  Lucky for me I have health coverage through Oregon, which should cover me if I piss off obnoxious bigots with little hair left on their heads. Why is that?  Oh, I know:

It detracts from their unusually small hands!

Come and get me!

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