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Nov 9, 2016

Our Choice

Well, I'm not a Mexican; nor a Muslim; nor a stacked blonde behind some curtain, so I'm not as nervous as some, perhaps.  Nor do I worry about the next President pushing 'the button,' a fear voiced by more than one child this morning, as if they know anything other than what they glean at home. I have more faith in our military commanders than I should, perhaps, but I'm not losing any sleep on that count.

But I am Economically Challenged, a much nicer term than POOR, so I'll have other fears I'll need to squelch now and then. Like how I'll manage when my food stamps get cut even more, along with my monthly government stipend.  Watching our homeless population grow, and grow, and GROW.

It's kind of like driving behind this truck for mile after mile.

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