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Jul 13, 2016

Save Us, Joe Biden!

I’ll say it one last time:  VP Joe Biden needs to pull up his Big-Boy you-know-whats and take over the reins in Washington.  Who else is there who’s been around; can command the respect needed and demanded by the office, both at home and abroad; and can possibly mollify Congress enough to get anything done in the next 4 years?

“It’s not possible,” friends from Oregon have been saying since the winter. Well, maybe not as PRESIDENT but how about as VICE PRESIDENT?  Is there a time limit for VP’s in office?  I don’t think so.  And just to show I am, or would like to be, bipartisan, I think Biden should be VP for EITHER Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The President has already laid the groundwork with his mixed Cabinet; why not the ticket? 

I’m shuddering, but if the impossible yet inevitable occurs I will respect the new President, whoever is elected.  Since we’re so divided at this time and more and more people claim they won’t vote at all, why not try a new compromise?  Can't you just imagine VP Biden calmly speaking to the person in front of the microphone? Does anyone think this is a terrible idea?

You’ve heard some people of prominence defiantly declaring they will flee the country rather than live under so-and-so’s regime (leaving the rest of us to suffer at the hands of the tyrant); and then come back again when things are different?  Better?   I’m picturing men in tuxedos and women with fur wraps stepping on to their yachts to escape Castro.

I probably wrote something similarly Puffing myself, just because I’m ornery; but unlike the uber-wealthy  I’d be paddling in a dinghy and likely drown. Alright; if they leave then let them go, but tell them they can’t come back to live for 10 years, because it will take us at least that long to clean up the mess.

Save us, Joe!

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