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Sep 8, 2015


I'm possibly the only person in the 'enlightened' part of the world who has not looked at the photo of the dead Syrian toddler on the beach.  What for?  NPR described it vividly, down to his tiny little sneakers in the sand; and viewing this now-trending heartache appeals to me no more than the idea of rubber-necking down the highway, straining to observe my fellow man's guts spewed across the road.

I don't need to see God to know (s)he exists, so I feel no need to look at this latest horror know it exists.  The first image which came to mind was the naked Vietnamese child, body burned, arms outstretched as if to ask, "Why?"  You didn't need to hear her screams to hear them.

We're a voyeuristic society, there's no doubt.  While we're looking at videos of the atrocities less-enlightened countries are committing, what videos do you suppose they're showing their own societies to up their standings?

Let's see what I can come up with on a dime:  rooftops during Hurricane Katrina; Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech school shootings;  riot squads in city streets; gay-bashing; homeless populations growing; racial tensions, still.

I've tried for years to voice a social issue but no one wants to listen.  Well, I did get 11 signatures on my Petition, which is more than they got for Sodom and Gomorrah, so that's a plus.  Doesn't matter the particulars now; hunger and poverty in America aren't enough for most people's sympatico.

Ga'head...change the channel.

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