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Jul 29, 2015

Andrea's Petition

Artwork: Ciprian Frunza
Well, I dodged another bullet. thanks to a friend.  I had a variety of additional hiccups since my last post, up to my crown popping off during lunch today, but everything worked out fine and that's not the point...just a Post Script.

I’m still working on my book while I write blog posts, paint gourds and write politicians about a cause very dear to my heart: equality regardless of means.  I’m a true Libran when it comes to wanting to balance the scales.  I longed to become a legal aid attorney, but got married instead.

So I followed something online and stumbled on to a new area of the White House website, where you can submit a petition.  It’s a popularity contest, but I did it anyway.  Turns out I need 150 signatures before it is publicly visible; in order to garner another 99-thousand or so by August 28th for the White House to take a look.  Oy, do I know that many people?  Is it possible?  Sure it is!!  

My goal is to have the Protected Classes amended to include economic position and property. I came face to face with this unusual form of discrimination back in 2012, which I documented in My Karma Ran Over My Dogma. It's not necessary to read to appreciate the nature of the petition.

PLEASE ADD YOUR NAME http://wh.gov/iIkXw.  I'll add a long link again at the end.

At the moment, as U.S. citizens we are legally protected from discrimination based on: race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability and familial status.

As members of the human race we are all entitled to protection by the United Nation, which recognizes the following to be free from discrimination: race, color, religion or conviction, national, ethnic or social origin, nationality, age, economic position, property, marital status, birth or other status.  As you can see, there are others which need inclusion in ours, too.

I should have added age to my petition while I was at it; so if you petition against elder-discrimination, I'll sign.  Marital status  should certainly be added to protect same-sex marriages, and I'll sign that, too.  Lots to update in our Protected Classes.

So please, share this post and/or cut-and-paste to your favorite media.  You can Facebook and Twitter from the signature page.  I fret that I'm not into social media but then remembered, "I've got a blog!  It's a start."

This grass-roots process can be terrific for bringing issues to the forefront and making positive changes.  Thank you in advance for your help.

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