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Dec 13, 2013


You know when you’re in a conversation and suddenly you don’t know the definition of a word, or can’t understand a concept, but you don’t want to appear stupid so you remain silent, hoping a clue will present itself before you’re exposed as an idiot for all to see?

My latest episode was the other day at the local dog-washing joint, making an appointment for molting, miserable, BC.  I’m as economical as I can possibly be, but I cannot cut hair; not on a human, let alone a squirmy dog.  By the time I’ve finished wielding a pair of scissors, I’ve wrecked so much havoc that the recipient usually needs to be shaved.  Collie Czar, pictured throughout, is a perfect example.
So I’m talking to the owner of the place; nice woman, former nurse, offered to carry my gluten free and Vegan dog treat mixes, Woofers and Tweeters Despite my healthy products, nutrition is really not one of my strong suits.  I didn't even meet my first Vegetarian until my 30's, and I served pancakes for dinner.
Suddenly the term GMO's was being bandied about, and I assumed she meant some sort of health plan.  I tried following, but my impression and her words were simply not jiving, so I finally had to ask.  Hoping I'm not the ONLY idiot exposed today, Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMO’s, are “Plants in which the genetic material has been changed by biotechnology in a way that does not occur naturally."  Read on for a few other tips.
* GMO crops do not yield more than conventional crops (therefore NOT the solution for world hunger).

* GMOs are corporate intellectual property disguised as food.

*GMOs are already banned in some European countries, which refuse to import such crops.

 OK, rather than continue to plagiarize their words,  I’ll give a website link to read up if you’re interested:  www.gmofreejacksoncounty.org.  On Facebook: GMO Free Jackson County

There’s an upcoming measure to ban propagating, cultivating, raising or growing GMO crops here in Jackson County.  All I know thus far is what was explained amidst a racket of barking, but apparently GMOs are proprietary, and since a GMO crop can cross pollinate, infect or whatever, a neighboring crop, the neighboring farmer is liable for copyright infringement and can be sued.  Farmers are being put out of business, so while I may not be particularly health-conscious, THAT makes me mad.

By putting this measure on the before the Governor has a chance to enact some sort of legislation, Jackson County can possibly remain GMO free with this grandfather-clause (my words).  We’re in a valley, which means the local economy can have an organic BOOM like nowhere else.   From my lips to God’s ears.

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